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Character/Series: Alphonse Elric; Fullmetal Alchemist (2003; Pandora's Universe)
Rating: G
Notes: Written for the [profile] 30screams theme #27 - Singing
Title: 27 - Singing
Author: [personal profile] yuuo
Word Count: 241
Summary: Once upon a time, his brother had been good at singing.

Once upon a time, his brother had been good at singing.

Edward didn't sing anymore.

Over the years, in those little glimpses, brief moments when Edward's thoughts were so keenly focused on his brother, on the other half of his soul still trapped in the Gate, Alphonse was able to see and hear his brother. He tried to talk to him, to comfort him, to let him know he was still alive, it was okay, he didn't need to hurt like that.

It broke Alphonse's heart, listening to Edward's fears as they'd bubble to the surface, listening to the tattered remains of his brother's once beautiful voice as he whispered quiet confessions, begging for forgiveness from someone he was convinced couldn't hear him.

If Alphonse could, he'd give his own voice to his brother. He'd agree to give up whatever he might have left of himself to give Edward his voice back. He wanted to hear his brother laugh again. Hear him argue with someone over some scientific theory that was way beyond what someone his age should've been able to comprehend.

He wanted to hear his brother sing him to sleep again, like he did after their mother was no longer there to do it herself.

Truth was a cruel master, though, and Alphonse couldn't do anything from where he was but listen to the hoarse whisper that was all that was left of Edward's voice, and cry for his brother.


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