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Character/Series: Edward Elric; Fullmetal Alchemsit (2003; Pandora's Universe)
Rating: PG
Notes: Written for 4purposes Fall theme "dreamers with empty hands "
Title: And Empty Hands
Author: [personal profile] yuuo
Word Count: 222
Summary: Edward usually fell asleep in the aftermath.

Edward usually fell asleep in the aftermath, clinging to Riza, wishing it were Al he were holding instead. He felt ashamed and guilty for it, but he couldn't help the need to have his brother back, have him there, curled up like they used to as children, hiding from the storm outside.

But the storm was inside now, and Edward was grown, and it was not Al beside him.

This particular night, however, he didn't fall right to sleep, although he let Riza think he had. She got up, as she usually did, and slipped quietly into the bathroom, Edward reasoned to clean up.

Weeks had passed and he hadn't found Scar, hadn't found anything on that strange alchemy he was performing, and nothing new had surfaced on the Stone. Wasted weeks, weeks spent in self-indulgent activities, focused more on this ... this farce of a relationship they were carrying on, this affair that ought to make them both feel ashamed of themselves, and less and less time persuing what he'd been searching for so desperately.

"I'm sorry, Al," he whispered, gripping the pillow where Riza would be laying her head soon. "Should be you here."

Weeks of time gone by and nothing but empty hands to show for it. Years of time, and no better. Nothing but dreams and empty hands.


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