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Character/Series: Edward Elric; Fullmetal Alchemist (2003; Pandora's Universe)
Rating: PG
Notes: Based on the story of the Fool found here.
Title: The Bitter And Sweet Of It
Author: [personal profile] yuuo
Word Count: 1527
Summary: It seemed to him as if he had performed a miracle.

fate is a wheel
it will reveal
all you've become
all that you feel
destiny knows what has to be
you’ll pay the price
nothing is free

-Xena: The Bitter Suite

0 The Fool

Edward's suitcase consisted of two changes of clothes, what few texts he felt were worth salvaging from his father's study, a kit that Winry had prepped for him to care for his automail, and that picture; that was all he took with him from Rizenbul when he left to join the military.

I The Magician

It seemed to him as if he pulled off a miracle, opening a door that Edward hadn't realized was there, when he found himself being handed a certificate and that coveted silver watch.

II The High Priestess

Riza lived in two worlds during that intermable time from Scar's attack, one Edward's too dark world, where pain and fear ruled, and the other in the world of lies, the world she'd vowed to follow the man he loved into; she loved both equally, though in different ways, and found herself suddenly holding the secrets of both worlds, locked away in silence.

III The Empress

Though she yearned so much to see the sons her heart knew before thoughts could form in her mind, Sloth knew to be patient, to bide her time until Edward was ready to come home.

IV The Emperor

In Acheron, Edward learned exactly how the military worked, and after having such a tight collar removed from his throat, he vowed that never again would someone stand between him and his goal to get his brother back.

V The High Priest

It seemed to Roy as if Edward had decided that his conscience was holding him back, so he'd simply gotten rid of it.

VI The Lovers

Roy had set himself on a path to his goals, goals he was intensely devoted to, but all too often, Edward made him feel as if he now had to choose between those goals and keeping his promise to protect Edward; the worst part was, Roy knew he could never choose to abandon Edward, no matter what that boy did.

VII The Chariot

Roy could be frightingly subtle, familiar with the games politicians played and he lived by those rules of strategy, while Edward had a terrible tendency to simply force his way through whatever stood in his path, no matter the cost; it took all of Riza's patience and skill to keep the two of them in cooperation.

VIII Strength

It would be impossible to say that even with the trust afforded her, Riza had the power to convince Edward of anything he did not want to be convinced of, however, her steadfastness and loyalty during the weeks she accompanied him earned her a glimpse behind the masks he clung to like lifelines.

IX The Hermit

Edward returned to Rizenbul after Riza finally returned to her post with Mustang, not to visit Winry or Pinako, but to return to his home, to hide in the old familiar rooms with the ghosts that had never fully left the house until he'd pieced his walls back together properly.

X The Wheel of Fortune

For a second, it felt like his life had done a complete turn around when he saw his mother, when she held out her arms to him, when she led him to the very opportunity he'd been needing to get Al back.

XI Justice

It'd been so long- too long, so many long, lonely years- since he'd last had human contact, real contact that wasn't accidental, or wasn't someone trying to hurt him, that Edward hadn't realized just how starved for affection he was, for something as simple as a hand on his shoulder at just the right time, until Riza held him tightly in her arms.

XII The Hanged Man

Edward had one last night, once his mother was safely away from Central, and the handful of people he trusted- most of all, Mustang -to wrap himself in the quiet of the eye of the storm, one last chance to come to terms with the darkness he'd be entering when he sacrificed an entire city, all because he refused to endanger the few people who had been kind to him over the years, had earned his love, and that would have to be the people to pick up the pieces that Edward left behind; he just wished he could offer an apology for that terrible burden.

XIII Death

After all the years of worry and working to right what had gone wrong, to help Edward and protect him, when the boy disappeared again with no sign of returning, Roy could only feel numb, watching his son once again taken away from him.

XIV Temperance

Despite the blame he placed on Mustang's shoulders, Edward never did forget the good the man had done for him, and the more he worked under his command, and learned about him in the time with Riza, the more he realized that his own goals could be made to work with Mustang's, and that he'd finally be able to pay the man back.

XV The Devil

Scar had spent many years on the run, killing State Alchemists in the name of God when deep down, he knew that God did not really condone what he did, but without any other direction, he'd kept going; when his path crossed with Fullmetal's, a boy so ruthless and so driven by his passions as he was, Scar set aside his self-appointed burden and used the power he'd been given to do as he'd wanted, to prove to the Amestrian military that they'd underestimated the Ishbalan power, and that they would regret it when he finally killed their greatest weapon.

XVI The Tower

For years, Edward had railed and resisted against a nagging thought, a knowledge that sat at the back of his mind and taunted him, that had been there from the moment he'd been dropped back into his house, his leg and brother missing; years later, sitting in the silent living room of his childhood home, looking around at the well-preserved signs of his childhood, he finally let that truth sink in and hit him with the same force that had stolen his arm and voice- he would never see his brother again.

XVII The Star

When Edward requested that Bradley bring Roy and his men in under Edward's own command, Roy began to understand that depite the years of Edward chafing at the few restrictions Roy gave him, the boy trusted him, had learned to trust him from the way Riza had cracked his mask and gave him a chance to see them all as people who cared, Roy couldn't help but feel a bit of hope for his son, more hope than he'd been able to have in years.

XVIII The Moon

Edward helped seal his own fate, helped Scar activate that final transmutation circle under Central, and as the dark face of the Gate swept them in, Edward used the power of the Stone to help him navigate the madness within safely, searching frantically for his brother, only to find that he'd placed the greatest burden he could carry on his shoulders: that he would never again see his brother.

XIX The Sun

It'd been his brother's face that pulled him from the depths of the Gate, from that silent darkness he'd been trapped in, and there was the briefest of moments when he opened his eyes to the world of the living for the first time in years when Al couldn't help but to smile in his heart, and he'd woken up laughing, giddy at the thought that he was back, that he would soon be home with his brother.

XX Judgment

As a man sentencing himself to a living death that Roy could only imagine, Edward had looked like a child again, desperate and afraid, when he'd asked the older man to look after his brother and the homunculus of his mother, telling him to take care of them, because he owed him as much; Roy had agreed, knowing that Edward had made his final decision.

XXI The World

The day Edward first cried on Roy's shoulder, months after his return to the family he'd unknowingly built to wait in the wings for the day when he could face his brother again, Roy realized that his son cared more about him than he'd thought possible, and that this family that Edward had built was just as much his; his family was finally whole.


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