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Name:Pandora's Universe: Fullmetal Alchemist AU
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Community description:Fullmetal Alchemist fanfiction

It was always the same.

"Brother, are you sure we should do this?"

"Of course! Don't wimp out on me now."

Arrogance and pride. A pile of chemicals and a transmutation gone horribly wrong. The blue turned bloodstained, darkening the room in violet.

A blinding, sickening pain as he felt his leg ripped way, flesh and muscle tearing, bones splintering and cracking. Then there came a worse pain, far worse than his young mind could fathom existing until that moment as his soul was torn away.


His leg was forgotten. Nothing else mattered. And again and again, he lunged across the distance, reaching, straining. He felt the warmth beneath his fingers as he once again saw the terror in his little brother's eyes, and felt his brother's hand dissipate under his grip.


Edward sat up, screaming in his mind, his brother's name a hoarse whisper. Cold sweat drenched his clothes, his bedding, his hair, and his heart hurt as it clenched and pounded. His stomach tightened, and the now-familiar taste in the back of his throat sent him kicking off the covers, staggering down the hallway, ignoring the lack of lights as he fell to his knees, sick.

It hurt too much to even cry.

There was no forgiveness to ask, though he desperately craved it. He was beyond it, unforgivable. His only redemption was to find a way to bring Alphonse back. He didn't die norma-- No! He didn't die! The Gate held him! Took him away. His price for his arrogance was everything he had to live for.

He would bring him back, and damned be the price on his own damned soul. There was nothing left. Nothing else to live for.

"Brother, are you sure we should do this?"

He owed him everything. He owed him his soul.

Edward and Alphonse Elric tried to bring back their dead mother.

They failed, and price paid was dear, far more dear than Edward ever imagined.

As his leg was ripped away, an infinite volume of information was shoved into his head. As Alphonse slipped away from his straining fingertips, his mind was already seeking a way to undo the damage.

With a circle of blood and at the cost of his arm, he was drawn back inside the Gate, racing against the clock to try and reach his little brother, to pull him back. Even as he found him, even as he reached for him, time disappeared as surely as Alphonse had. In a moment of desperate defiance, he struggled against the Gate, reaching, trying hard, fighting for more time.

It was in vain, and as the toll for the extra heartbeats, his voice was ripped away.

There was nothing in existence which Edward cared about from that horrible night on than bringing Alphonse back. He would do whatever it took, sacrifice anything he must, if only to make amends, to apologize for the unforgivable.

For failing him, for failing to protect him as he should have done.

Nothing else mattered. No one else mattered.

"The most dangerous creation of any society
is the man who has nothing to lose."

- James Arthur Baldwin

Full Warnings and Disclaimers

Fullmetal Alchemist is copyrighted to Hiromu Arakawa, Gangan Comics, Square Enix, Studio BONES, Viz Comics and Funimation. This is a fanwork for personal enjoyment only. No money is made off of this work. No copyright or profits infringement is intended.

The storyline of Pandora's Universe and its associated stories is copyright Unoriginality. Say no to plagiarizers.

This is a work of fiction. No real persons are depicted.

The author has given these stories a rating of MA, for mature audiences only. Story contents that some users may find disturbing or inappropriate for children under the age of eighteen includes graphic sexual content, detailed descriptions of physical and sexual violence, child abuse, human trafficking, depictions of acts of war, foul language, and potentially upsetting character death. Mature themes include disturbing psychological descriptions, ambiguous morality, and dubious age of consent.

Please heed all warnings. The author assumes no responsibility should the reader find something triggering or otherwise emotionally upsetting if these warnings are ignored. Children under eighteen should not read these stories without explicit permission from their guardian. Author assumes no responsibility if this warning is ignored.

Please enjoy the story.

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