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[Riza Hawkeye; G] As You Wish

Character/Series: Riza Hawkeye; Fullmetal Alchemist (2003; Pandora's Universe)
Rating: G
Notes: Written for 4purposes Winter theme "at morning in the dark I rise"
Title: As You Wish
Author: [personal profile] yuuo
Word Count: 377
Summary: It was still dark out when Riza would wake up.

It was still dark out when Riza would wake up. Carefully, mindful to not wake her bedmate, she'd untangle herself from limbs and sheets, and climb out of bed. She was silent while she went through her morning routine, brushing her teeth and hair, washing her face and readying for the day. She'd head downstairs to the lower part of the inn, retrieving two cups of coffee, then return to the inn room, setting the mugs down on the table.

She worked silently as she set out a change of clothing for her bedmate on the other, unused bed in the room, and then change into her uniform, leaving her coat draped over the back of her chair.

Still working silently, she'd pull out her sidearm, stopping only long enough to retrieve the sidearm belonging to the room's still-sleeping occupant, and set both down on the table with their respective cleaning kits on the table, arranging two places to sit and work in what would be companionable silence.

Better than the awkward silence that had reigned before.

There. Just like Edward liked it.

He always roused about then, finally noticing her absence in the bed, and it'd take him a couple minutes to fuss around in the bathroom and change, pulling on his tired old turtleneck and pants, before seating himself at the table. The coffee had cooled just enough to be drinkable by that time, timed perfectly with their predictable morning routine.

He sipped his coffee silently, the way he did every morning, then started to get to work on his sidearm, dismantling it with a practiced ease, and starting to clean it. She focused on her own work and coffee, as she did every morning since they established this strange, almost twistedly domestic routine several weeks ago.


Riza paused, blinking, then looked up at the interruption to their routine. "Yes, Edward?"

Edward glanced up at her, not lifting his head from his work. "Wake me when you get up, would you?"

She heard the next sentence even though he didn't say it. He didn't like the empty bed. He'd come to rely on the simple human contact she gave him too much. They'd become an addiction.

She closed her eyes. "As you wish."

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